Umbilicaria cylindrica

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Umbilicaria cylindrica

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this is just another lichen of my collection:

- Habitus. Thallus ca. 4 cm, solid, upper surface grey with brownish dots witout isisdia. Bristle like black cilia at the margins. Central umbo. Lower surface pale, brownish, rarely with sparse rhizines. Apothecia frequent, 2 - 4 mm diameter, disc black, grooved. Chemistry: C-, K-, KC-, P-
On siliceous rocks in well lit montane, alpine situations.


- Closeup apothecia with black, grooved disc.


- Cross section lobe and apothecium. Lobes corticated on both sides, apothecium with thalline exiple and a central sterile core. Staining with Lactophenol-Methylblue-Acidfuchsin.


- Ascus with spores. Ascus 8 spored, amyloid. Spores simple colorless, 9-15 x 3-9 µm. Staining with Lugol.


Have fun!

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Post by Mitch640 »

Very nice images, and an interesting subject, I was just working up the energy to do some more slices, since it's spring. But now maybe I will wait and just look at yours. :)

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

Very nice set, I like the details and colors.


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