Dry fly and a useful device

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Dry fly and a useful device

Post by gpmatthews »

This fly was lying around for some time and quite dried out as you can see from the state of the eyes. I wanted to try a stack using a a new device I made this afternoon:

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Ocular: Zeiss KPL-W 10/18
Objective: Zeiss 1.6/0.03 - 5/0.1
LED lamp with diffusion dome over subject
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This home-made micro-manipulator was used with the fly mounted on the insect pin shown. This can be rotated. The white card was used instead of the black floc card shown in place. The device is a variant of that described by Brian Darnton in Micscape (see http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/ind ... eedle.html). I thought it was worth mentioning here as some may find the idea useful.

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Post by Cactusdave »

Clever little device. Looks like a sort of 'ducking-stool' for insects! :lol: (Google 'ducking-stool' if you don't know about medieval trial and punishment :shock: )
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Post by Mitch640 »

Thanks for posting this. I have often wondered how I was going to mount a bug to look at it under the scope.

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