Plant mites (friend ot foe?)

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Charles Krebs
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Plant mites (friend ot foe?)

Post by Charles Krebs »

I was poking around a Viburnum bud with the stereo microscope and came across a few resident mites. I understand some are "good guys", predatory mites that feed on their undesirable cousins, while others are considered pests (at least if you are primarily interested in healthy plants). I don't know enough about them to tell the difference, but here are two of them.

Olympus BHS, 10/0.40 S Plan Apo, brightfield (with very slight crossed polarizers), recorded at 22X on Canon T3i sensor.

The appearance of the one below is different than normally observed due to the lighting used... crossed polarizers with darkfield. It showed some interior birefringent features and more internal details. In "natural" illumination it appeared a uniform greenish-yellow overall.

Olympus BHS, 10/0.40 S Plan Apo, crossed polarizers in darkfield, recorded at 22X on Canon T3i sensor.

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Post by Cactusdave »

Love that first one. I assume the bug is dead but it looks very naturally posed.
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The first one is amazing!


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What a clear background and fantastic subject!
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Charles, lovely photos

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They're beauties!

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