a marine dinophycea ? (ed.: = Brachidinium capitatum)

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Franz Neidl
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a marine dinophycea ? (ed.: = Brachidinium capitatum)

Post by Franz Neidl »

I think this is a Dinophycea (?) but I am also not sure if this is a separate species or simply an organism in division.
Width 87 µm, hight 70 µm.
Maybe somebody can help me.


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Post by René »

Hmm, you're probably thinking about Ceratium? Something like that in a funny way. It generally does not divide that way!

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I am really really envious of you. This is a very rarely recorded dinoflagellate Brachidinium capitatum. It was originally described from the Mediterranean, but I have a great reference with lots of photos and detail from the Pacific:

Morphology of Brachidinium capitatum F.J.R. Taylor
(Brachidiniales, Dinophyceae) collected from the western
Pacific Ocean

Fernando GÓMEZ, Sadaaki YOSHIMATSU and Ken FURUYA (2005)

http://www.environmental-expert.com/fil ... _Algae.pdf

and see also this paper by Gomez:

http://www.obs-vlfr.fr/proof/ftpv/bioso ... gae_06.pdf

Bom Ano Novo e mais descobrimentos!


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