Globidens aegyptiacus (2) - deadly wrinkles

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Bruce Williams
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Globidens aegyptiacus (2) - deadly wrinkles

Post by Bruce Williams »

Hi folks,

Check my earlier posting in the Macro/Close-up forum to see what this object actually looks like and to find out more about its owner.

This is a close up on the ornate corrugation on the surface of the tooth. It is generally believed that these wrinkles helped improve the grip on its heavily armoured prey. The white/cream coloured material is what remains of the original rock matrix after (incomplete) preparation of the specimen.

The image measures approx. 5.5mm X 4mm.



Note: This was a really tough one to reduce below the forum standard of 200Kb as the original 800X600 was 510Kb ex Photoshop. I used XAT to remove all EXIF data and selectively paint in the areas of high and low JPG compaction.


Ken Ramos
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Some interesting stuff here Bruce both this post and the other in macro with the link(s). I guess this reenforces the fact that at one time in history, water dominated the planet much more than it does now. Which reminds me of another tidbit of information I read somewhere and that is that 2/3 rds. of the earths surface is covered in water but less than 1% is freshwater and only a very small fraction of that 1% is drinkable. Considering the world population, it's a wonder we are not all dying of thirst. :-k

Good post Bruce. :D

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Post by beetleman »

Wonderful closeup Bruce. I`m thinking they had a grip like if you had 32 teeth made out of rough rocks. Would hold on to anything. :wink:
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Ken Ramos
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Yeah, I am going to need some teeth like that soon. Anyone care to donate towards my dentures. :roll:

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Post by svalley »

Nice shot, Bruce. Very abstract.
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Charles Krebs
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Bruce... always fun to see the "invisible" details a microscope brings to objects, and thus a better appreciation of how efficient and specialized these "parts" are.

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