Testing out a camera for micro images

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Testing out a camera for micro images

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I just took some comparison shots using my motorola Defy phone and Katies Canon Powershot A470 held over the eyepiece of my chinese student monocular scope.

The phone is tricky to use as you have to 'find' the image spot and slowly move the phone onto the eyepiece-move slightly and its lost.

My daughter's little Canon is a superb performer-while the phone got the focus wrong on the first attempt, the Canon had no problems-I'm sure theres an infinity mode on the camera somewhere whch would make things even easier....

The first subject is the head of a dead fly I found outside.
I left the phone unzoomed for the first shot and despite the tiny lens theres lots of vignetting:


The Canon has a larger lens so zooming was a given:

Next subject, a dried up flower of Spiraea 'Joseph's Coat.

Phone, zoomed:


The 7 MP Canon obviously packs more detail and the colour rendition is correct-the phone always photographs too cold and has to be enhanced. It did produce lots of colour noise though!

The phone has a 5MP camera and while its no slouch it is awkward to use and cant overide the focus with the default camera! (Its an android device so there's plenty of alternative cameras rto download for it)

The microscope details;
4X Meiji FF objective, (lovely piece of glass!)10X standard eyepiece.
The lighting was a desklamp with 40W pearl bulb.
Canon 5D and 30D | Canon IXUS 265HS | Cosina 100mm f3.5 macro | EF 75-300 f4.5-5.6 USM III | EF 50 f1.8 II | Slik 88 tripod | Apex Practicioner monocular microscope

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