Testate amoeba. "Daughter" from binary fission?

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Charles Krebs
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Testate amoeba. "Daughter" from binary fission?

Post by Charles Krebs »

The first image shows two individuals "mouth-to-mouth". Testate amoeba usually reproduce via asexual binary fission. In the process, a "daughter" test is produced around a cytoplasmic bud that exits the original test during the process. I don't know if that is what we are seeing here, but this is the best image I've been able to get of a pair in such a configuration so far.

Olympus BHS, 20/0.70 S Plan Apo, DIC. Canon 50D. 23 image stack.

This second image shows the detail in a section of a test that is up near the coverslip (same species but a different specimen). The test opening is on the opposite side.
Olympus BHS, 60/1.40 S Plan Apo, DIC. Canon 50D. . (Converted to black and white.)

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Love that first image Charles. The stack worked exceptionally well too, but I should expect that of course :lol:.
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Very interesting subject and great pics! :wink:

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Wow, super beautiful! First time I see a picture like the first one.


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Amazingly beautiful and informative images Charles. As fascinated by testate amoebas as I am, I find them delightful. :)

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Jan l'Amie
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Great pictures Charles.
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Superb photomicrography!

Its amazing how these little ones can come up with the best housing!!!
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These are excellent pictures!!! It's a fission of Netzelia tuberculata. You can see the tuberculate structures. The older name is Difflugia tuberculata, but Netzelia-species produces the elements itself, or modify collected mineral grains. You come very close to Electron Microscopy :D
I suppose you use incident light?


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