Microscopy movie - my first attempt

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Microscopy movie - my first attempt

Post by Starshade »

I spent the last couple of months producing a movie about microscopic life. I did that in my spare time, so it's not a masterpiece and I am not a professional videographer (yet). I designed it as a short wildlife video clip and you can see the final version on vimeo in HD (do it full screen).


Another version with subtitles is available on Youtube.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of time I can't refine small imperfections with audio, sensor dust and stuff like that so I currently leave it as it is. When judging the movie please consider it's my first video ever and I was absolutely alone at everything.

Thanks to people who helped me to sort out some mistakes during the previews; consequently if I have time I might update the video but not in the nearest future

Read about the movie in my blog post:


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Post by arturoag75 »

very nice video and excellent equipment! :wink:

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

Very nice video, thank you for sharing.


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Post by Litonotus »

beautiful and very professionally done - great choice of music, perfect commentary, good subtitles.

Jan l'Amie
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Post by Jan l'Amie »

Great video. Thanks for sharing.
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Post by SONYNUT »

looks good... :D
Just shoot it......

Tom Jones
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Post by Tom Jones »


Very, very nice. It's a great introduction to microscopic life. Nice photography, nice narration, and a very nice flow.

I read your blog post on the many difficulties you had producing this. From the looks of the final product, I'd have to say it was worth it (although it's easier for me to say that when it's your labor 8) ).

Thanks for posting it!!


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Post by Starshade »

Thank you guys! At least I'm glad that you think it was worth it

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Post by curt0909 »

This is excellent. Good work!

Wim van Egmond
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Post by Wim van Egmond »

Daniel, It is a wonderful movie and I hope it will inspire many people to start microscopy as a hobby,

I hope you will make more movies. Photography is nice but to be able to see micro life in motion is even more spectacular.


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Post by Cactusdave »

Excellent little video. If I had made it, I should be very proud, and you should be very proud :D. It is beautifully made and presented and very worthwhile.
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