Mushroom gills

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Charles Krebs
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Mushroom gills

Post by Charles Krebs »

Almost exactly one year ago I posted a few mushroom shots similar to these over in the "Technical and Studio" section. They were fun to do, so today I went out and found a couple small mushrooms and gave it another try. This time I used the microscope. I simply cut a piece of black foam-core into a 2x3 inch "slide", and cut a couple of small holes into it. The small mushrooms caps were placed over the holes and the microscope light came up through them. Stacks of 30, 24, and 42 images respectively, in Zerene Stacker.

Olympus BHS, Olympus 2/0.8 S Plan Fluorite, NFK 1.67X. Photographed at 4.2X using a Canon 50D

Olympus BHS, Olympus 4/0.16 S Plan Apo, NFK 1.67X. Photographed at 8.4X using a Canon 50D. This was a different species from the other two images posted here, and the color is natural.

Olympus BHS, Olympus 2/0.8 S Plan Fluorite, NFK 1.67X. Photographed at 4.2X using a Canon 50D

Tom Jones
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Post by Tom Jones »


I never cease to be amazed by your ability to take what might be a mundane subject, figure out a new way to shoot it, then make absolutely stunning images of it. :D :D :D

Very, very nice!


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Post by Cactusdave »

Love that last one in particular. Brilliant lighting and concept.
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Post by canonian »

Charles, these are as beautiful and dreamy as last years entry.
The third reminds me of early morning fog in a landscape of hills.
The second one could very well be the inside of a packet of crisps :)

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Post by Rollin »

Beautiful! What a combination of technique and vision. Another inspiration for me.

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Post by RogelioMoreno »


Wow, beautiful! Your technique is amazing.


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Post by Matthias »

To me this is a new, higher level of photomacrography. This is art. These images are the best argument to create another forum here, something like "artistic" or "abstract" photography. Simply unrivaled results.

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