L-O-N-G Spirostomum?

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L-O-N-G Spirostomum?

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I've seen these from time to time.

Not exactly sure I have them ID'd correctly.

Very, very flexable. Can retract very quickly.

Canon 50D, Flash, 2.8X photo tube.

This one is about the 'usual' size.


This is his big brother? Sister? Parent?
I wish I understood family relationships better.... :)
Focusing on something this long and flexable was very frustrating...especially while keeping all of him in the frame.

This critter can flex all the way around in a circle. If it came upon its own rear-end, would it realize its own caboose? Maybe it would think it has found another, and try conjugating with itself? :lol:



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long spirostomum

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I think that your ID is correct.


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