Scytonema spec.

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Scytonema spec.

Post by ralfwagner »


I love that cyanobacteria and want to show here my latest finding, a Scytonema spec.:

The genus Scytonema shows false branchings. This means, that the branch is generated from two independet filaments and not by the cells of a single filament. Furthermore there are three heterocysts visible. Heterocysts are special cells that are able to synthesize organic (nitrogen) compounds from the nitrogen in the air. Also visible at the branching is the common mucous borderline.


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Post by Ken Ramos »

Great image there Ralf. Cyanos are something I rarely run across, except in the wintertime when all the leaves have gone from the trees and algae blooms seem to be everywhere due to the increased availability of sunlight. Cyanos seem to crop up right along beside or among the algae filaments.

Don't believe that I have ever ran across this particular specimen though, however, as the winter days go on here, I will be keeping an eye out for it as I explore the algal blooms in the very slow moving tiny streams of water here in the mountains. :D

By the way image size is 122 pixels more than the guidelines allow in width (800 pixels longest side) However, there is no need to resize it, just a friendly reminder. :D

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Post by beetleman »

Very sharp details in that picture Ralf. Without your information I would have thought it was branching from one specimen. It Enhances the pictures worth when there is good information with it Thank you :wink:
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