First try at deep stacking

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First try at deep stacking

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I know my subject is ugly, and badly posed. I found as dead fly in the house (REALLY hard to find in Vancouver - as we are disturbingly devoid of insects) and tried my hand at deep stacking. I used the E200 with a 10x CFI Plan Apo objective, microscope mounted, fly on glass slide, 600D mounted on trinocular head. Stack consists of 187 fotos - needed because of the angle at which I took this.

My primary intent was to see whether I can use deep stacking for larger 3D subjects using my microscope as a bellows unit and focussing rail. It is like Charles said awkward to use, but it is doable. I also wanted to see how good the resolution is.

Lighting were 3 x LED units I custom built. PS: I did no retouching other than levels and sharpening.

What do you think?

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