Almost fluorescence - a copepod

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Almost fluorescence - a copepod

Post by Starshade »

Recently I tried staining a dead copepod (killed by a hydra and left uneaten) with acridine orange and after some time of staining I saw this in darkfiled illumination, not the best picture quality because it's low magnification and at higher I could not get the light do the same job.

I happened to be interested in the same object as Wim who posted an amazing set of pictures some days ago, here's my contribution:

Cyclops in polarized light

You can see some less successful pics in my post as well as actual fluorescence: http://notes-from-dreamworlds.blogspot. ... pepod.html

Wim van Egmond
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Post by Wim van Egmond »

Great images Daniel,

On my screen they are a bit dark but I assume your screen shows the shadow regions a bit lighter. This may explain why you noticed some retouching in the dark parts of my images.


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Post by Mitch640 »

Very nice images. I see the polarized light really brings out the muscle tissue in these. I will have to try this next time I find a cyclops. Which may be soon, as I have found their hiding place in my aquarium. ;)

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Post by Starshade »

Thank you guys

The only thing I can say about screen calibration is that the majority of people I know have super bright screens, especially new laptops are too bright and dimming those screen results in quality decrease... so sometimes I'm not sure if should calibrate the pictures for bright screen or "normal" ones.

I had to reupload a lot of my pictures in my blog after checking them on one of those super bright displays

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