Tardigrade (water bear)

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Tardigrade (water bear)

Post by ABEL »


I have been ¡¡ lucky ¡¡ and I have found a tardigrade (water bear).

Video and photos DIC 20X 40X.




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Post by Starshade »

Wow, that's amazing! How did you do that?

I have whole load of antarctic water bears in petri dishes in my experiments and I thought they were annoying (because I can't find a proper technique to take pictures or videos). I think I need DIC for lower magnifications lenses than 100x

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Post by harisA »

first time i see such a a spectacular tardigrade image...
Please tell as more about your setup.
I would like to see a brightfield image so fine focused as the dic image.
Which jenoptic camera you own and how you manage to project the intermediate image to the sensor?

Thanks in advance

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Post by lauriek »

Beautifully done as usual Abel! Any idea what those internal bits are? (Look a bit like fallopian tubes?)

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Post by ABEL »

I have used the obj. DIC FLUORITE 20X 40X; microscope Olympus BX 51 and camera Jenoptick Progress CF with electronic flash.

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