Anybody know what this is?

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Anybody know what this is?

Post by Donw »

Video is timelapse, 1 Frame every 5 Sec, playback 5 fps. About 1 minute.

Sorry the video quality is poor, but I caught this unexpectedly, and didn't want to miss it. Low-Rez JPG to begin with, I was just experimenting with a new camera setup.

I thought this might be an amobae (spelling, I am certain) building a test.

Later I began to think it was a cyst of something.

Unfortunately, I had to add water to the slide, and this thing was washed away before any big changes occurred. Can't find it now. Watering may have destroyed it.

40X APA, BF, Nikon 2.5X Projection Lens.

Anybody know?

Jan l'Amie
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Post by Jan l'Amie »

I think it's an amoebe spec.

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