Urocentrum turbo, caudal tuft of cilia

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Charles Krebs
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Urocentrum turbo, caudal tuft of cilia

Post by Charles Krebs »

If you ever think your focusing ability and manual dexterity are getting a bit rusty... I think I have found the perfect exercise....

1. Find a Urocentrum turbo that is spinning like a top (and bobbing up and down, to-and-fro)
2. Get curious about that little tuft at the rear of the cell
3. Put on a 100X and oil the slide
4. Try to take a picture ](*,)

Despite the low percentage of in focus shots, there were few images that were interesting. Urocentrum use an extremely thin, "invisible" tether at the rear of the cell to remain in approximately the same area as the feed. Occasionally they will break free and move to a new location. This is why I wanted a better look at that rear tuft of cilia. The actual tether can't be seen, but it appears the rear cilia become twisted as the cell spins. In three of the shots the mouth, which is located near the center of the cell, can also be seen.


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Post by bernhardinho »

Hi Charles,

that's extremely interesting detail there!!! Many thanks!

All the best for 2007


Thomas Ashcraft
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Post by Thomas Ashcraft »

Wow Charlie, you really stopped its motion penetrated its detail. Urocentrums are always coming in and out of focus for sure.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Well Charlie, you may be banging your head against the wall but it looks as though you captured this little speed demon quite well, as usual :wink:

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Post by discomorphella »

Hi Charlie--
Your reflexes are still sharp it seems. What flash settings did you use? Now that we have electricity back I am hoping to find some Urocentrum in my cultures but no luck yet...
Those are spectacular shots of the cilia twisting. I think the tether can be stained so it will show up, but that would almost certainly entail killing the beastie....


p.s. I did try to run my small scope during the days after the big windstorm using "mirror Koehler" (after all if people used a lamp flame back in the early 1900's....), works pretty well for viewing...

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