eye to eye with the enemy

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eye to eye with the enemy

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Or at least the enemy's main weapon. While firing up the grill to clean it prior to the usual 4th of July festivities, I grabbed a few flowers of what I think is some Johnson grass and shook them into a small centrifuge tube of isopropanol, then simply wet mounted them. After all the misery these pollen grains have caused everyone, the least I can do is post their picture...I don't know what the granule-filled structure is in the middle of the picture, I think its part of the grass flower, but haven't found a good reference to describe it. In fact, that's why I posted this, I am sure some of you know what this is. Thank-you in advance for enlightening me as usual.
40X / 0.85 DIC, 1.25 intermediate mag, 5X variozoom, 0.32X lens imaging onto my D300. First image is a stack (my first use of Zerene, thanks Rik...) ZS PMax, 13 images at roughly 1 micron increments. The second is a single slice. Both images minimally histogram adjusted in ImageJ.
Now to take more allergy meds.



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