Ostracods. (Seed shrimp).

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Charles Krebs
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Ostracods. (Seed shrimp).

Post by Charles Krebs »

Tried out a new trinocular camera adapter last night... "retired" the separate stand I have been using to avoid SLR camera vibration. (Much less need for it with the current Canon cameras I now use). So after adjusting things to be parfocal, I wanted to take a few test shots and these guys were the first things sucked up in the eyedropper.

A couple of fairly normal shots followed by two that are a little more abstract and "mysterious".





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Post by Cactusdave »

Very nice indeed, looks like that adapter is working well. Love the way that little tiny Protozoan makes it into the second shot. Really gives a sense of scale. Is the second picture stacked? It's usually hard to get these creatures to stay still when alive.
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Post by xys »

Just absolutely incredible images. As are virtually all the images in this forum. Yesterday I happened to take a picture of a similar (or the same) critter (astracod?) and I was "kind of" pleased with it, until I saw these...

Just amazing what you experts can do.

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Post by lauriek »

Lovely! The second one looks like a funky Pistachio!

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