A tick (Ixodes ricinus)

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A tick (Ixodes ricinus)

Post by ralfwagner »


recently my wife was hurt by a tick. So I used my chance and prepared it:

- 24 h abs. Ethanol

- 24 h 80% Lactic acid

- 24 h 15% KOH

- dewatering in via Ethanol, mount in Euparal

- Overview with the 5x objective, dtitch of 21 pictures, Autostitch


- Clava, ZS-stack of 25 pictures, 10x objective


- Clava, ZS-stack of 14 pictures, 20x objective


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Post by Mitch640 »

Very nice Ralf. I am surprised you were able to see through it. The ones here are dark brown and I don't think you could get light to pass through them.

Eric F
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Post by Eric F »


The day-long treatments of both Lactic acid and KOH have helped to clear the cuticle of the tick to a great extent, as well as eliminate lots of "extraneous" internal tissue. That is the purpose of these treatments: to prepare the specimen for clear viewing on a slide.


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