Embryo spinal cord

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Embryo spinal cord

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I was screening a set of old paraffin sections that a friend gave me. The majority of them date back to 1967. The one I've shown here is a trout embryo cross section that shows the spinal cord stained with haemotoxylin. Ventral side to the bottom. You can see that the bulk of cells are found in the middle of the spinal cord where they are born and subsequently migrate to more lateral positions. One can also see the chorda (ventral) with its tick dense outer layer and highly vacuolarized cells. Some cartilage and muscle are seen on the periphery but they are not represented very well due to the nature of the objective used.

Microscope: Carl Zeiss Standard KF
Objective: 40/0.65
Eyepiece: 10x-Kpl
Camera: Sony DSC-w120, 7.2Mp

My setup is rather modest but I'm very delighted with the quality of Zeiss even for such an old scope. I dont have an adapter for the camera so I hold it with my hand trying to align the optical axis as best as I can with respect to the CCD matrix.


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