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Antonio Garrigós Sánchez
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Configuration change

Post by Antonio Garrigós Sánchez »

I decided to change the settings of the microscope picture, using the Nikon camera and its optical COOLPIX5000.

Now I use Canon EOS 7D, Canon 550D with Olympus eyepiece projection that was not used.

I hope to increase somewhat the quality of the pictures, now I have a long way of testing the system.


Antonio Garrigós Sánchez

Antonio Garrigós Sánchez

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Post by Pau »

It seems you're following the Krebs setup
At You have the relevant info about this eyepieces, and because you have the scarce NFK 1.67X this one would be the best option to match the field of view of your microscope with these cameras.

If the color correction of the NFK is adequate for your Leitz objectives (I found with my only NKK 3.3X that it's very close, but the field of view was too much reduced and optical aberrations increase to the periphery) it would be easy!

One issue with this kind of setup would be the dust entering to the sensor, a major problem in photomicrography.

I use Leitz objectives in a Zeiss scope and my solution is a Periplan 6.3X and a Zeiss 63mm 0.25X camera adapter (total magnification 1.575X on sensor)

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »


The 1.67 NFK is the one to use with those camera bodies! Hang on to that one... they get harder to find every day! (It gets a little "tight" with the 2.5X but that will work OK if you don't mind a crop of the view observed. And if by chance you happen to use to use 12.5X eyepieces you might prefer it).

I don't think that you will find the 3.3X and higher to be of much use with cameras with and APS-C sized sensor.

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