Mosquito wing

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Charles Krebs
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Mosquito wing

Post by Charles Krebs »

Went to sample a pond. On the walk back I snagged a few more microscope subjects that were sampling me!



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Post by discomorphella »

Hi Charlie,

A most excellent revenge. Did you exact your vengeance using your metallurgical objectives or your transmitted DIC setup? One of my first posts was a mosquito larva from one of my pond samples. I noticed my scope room was full of flying bloodsuckers and realized I had brought the enemy into my camp; but not all of the larvae had time to fully develop and escape the sample jar. Several were put to the "auto da phase" as it were (they do look good under phase contrast). To paraphase the line from the movie 'Pulp Ficton', I "got microscopical on his ....". No better revenge exists for mosquitoes than permanent imprisonment under some PVLG so you can look at them and gloat...after all the blood they've extracted from me while I'm fishing or hiking its the least we can do.


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Post by Mitch640 »

Fantastic images Charles. Especially that first one.

I have read that the female mosquito is a silent flier and does the bloodletting, while the male is the noisy buzzer and can't drill through human skin. By any chance have you ever gotten wing images from both sexes? I have been wondering for ages what it is in wing difference that makes the noise, assuming the males aren't just humming as they fly. :)

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

That first image is beautiful.


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Post by ChrisR »

So - when did you buy the electron microscope, Charles? :lol:
About what scale are these?

Antonio Garrigós Sánchez
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Post by Antonio Garrigós Sánchez »

Stunning images, perfect resolution. :shock:

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

About what scale are these?
The first is with a 10X objective so that makes it about 1mm across left to right. The second is with the 40X, so about 0.25mm left to right

Wim van Egmond
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Post by Wim van Egmond »

Very spectacular and what an amazing resolution. I am at the moment struggling with my set up. I have changed something and now I have too much CA. Back to the drawing board.


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