Water Drop Colony

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Water Drop Colony

Post by nucleobyte »

I was out after a rain today and noticed a tiny white object moving rapidly and erratically inside a water drop on a leaf. I managed to capture one somewhat. A bit later I saw what looked like a whole raft of these little guys floating on top of another water drop. It seemed like one would zip around and rejoin the raft from time to time. I thought they were interesting enough to post and that someone might be able to tell what they are. Not the greatest images unfortunately since they were very small and moving a lot. I wasn't sure if this belonged in the macro or micro forum, but I thought the micro folks might be most likely to recognise them.

All the images were taken with a Canon 5DM2 and Nikon Finite Conjugate 4X objective on a PB6 bellows. The first was at about 4.7X on the sensor and the last two at about 8.6X on the sensor. All are cropped. I figure the swimmers are a little over 100 um long.


This is a 1:1 pixel crop of a single organism.


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Hi, This is my first attempt to post anything on this forum. I might be wrong, but the last picture looks a lot like it might be pine pollen.

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Post by Cactusdave »

Yes this looks like pollen right enough. The motion of the particles is due to surface tension effects on the spherical droplet.
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