Tardigrade eggs

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Tardigrade eggs

Post by Charles Krebs »

Been away for awhile... involuntary.... two computer melt-downs and a dead camera shutter #-o ](*,)

Here is a shot that is photographically not all that great, but is interesting subject-matter wise. This is the shed cuticle of a tardigrade (water bear). As they grow they periodically moult. Adults continue to moult about once a week, and it is common that adults will lay eggs inside the old cuticle at that time. They'll hatch in about 5 days.


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Post by Mitch640 »

Very nice find and educational. I had heard about laying the eggs inside the shell, but never had a mental picture of it.

Did you find these in fresh water?

Sorry to hear about the equipment problem. I am waiting for mine to blow up. :(

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