The alga Radiofilum

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The alga Radiofilum

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This is a new sighting for me by description Radiofilum conjunctivum. Is this a common alga elsewhere?

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I've never seen this algae in Korea. :shock:
I love taking pic. And all of the algae.

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I have mentioned before how few algae I see here. It might be because it's dead of winter now and I started this hobby in late fall. So I have never seen this here either. I hope to find algae this spring and summer.

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Common? Depends where you are.
This species is "Very common in a large number of lakes and swamps [Mich., Wis.], especially in in soft waters and acid haitats, hence often associated with desmids."

"These filament are inclosed in a broad gelatinous sheath through which fibrillar concretions radiate to the periphery."
Unfortunately neither of these is clearly visible in your images.
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