Coprophilous Fungus, perithecium with spores

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Coprophilous Fungus, perithecium with spores

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This is a very special subject, it is a coprophilous fungus, an ascomycete, Schizothecium tetrasporum,
Thanks Peter and Martin for the determination.
In plant anatomy textbooks these fungi were described with their very special spore dispersion.
The perithecium grows with the mouth towards the light an when the spores are full-grown, they
were ejected with high pressure. It takes about 15 to 20 min for the ascospores from the bottom
of the perithecium to the ejection.
Take a look at the time lapse video here :
Thanks for looking,

Charles Krebs
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Excellent and fascinating time-lapse video. Interesting subject.

I seem to remember years ago seeing a high speed "backlit" video of the spore ejection with these.

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