Another ID

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Another ID

Post by gjones »

I hope I am not a pain in the (you know what).
I would ID this as Coelosphaerium but I see other references to Woronichinia. Could someone help me out here? 200x HMC Nikon Optiphot

Grant Jones

jc maccagno
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re id

Post by jc maccagno »


believe that the 2 terms are synonymous check out "Algae of the Keweenaw Peninsula M.I." site

Good luck


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Post by Gyrosigma »

Hello Grant,

I agree with John

Here is a part of the "The freshwater algal flora of the british isles"

Hope it could help you


Best regards


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Post by René »

If separation is justified, Coelosphaerium is not supposed to have aerotopes. So this one would then not be Coelosphaerium in any case.
I agree with Dominique, W. naegeliana is the most obvious choice.


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