Mougeotia, an Alga

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Mougeotia, an Alga

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An interesting alga. Cells are cylinders each about 66µ long.
Top shows chloroplasts in 'face' view, bottom in a side view; see following text.
Nucleus can be seen as a clear circle between the 2 chloroplasts in the lower cell in bottom image.

"Each Mougeotia cell has one or two plate-like chloroplasts that can rotate to maximize light levels. Each chloroplast has multiple pyrenoids that are either scattered or arranged in a row. Sensory pigments detect the wavelength and position of the light. A transducer translates this information into a chemical code that signals a mechanical effector to move the chloroplast, much like a mechanized solar panel."


Olympus BHS scope with Oly optics but with a Nikon 60x CF N Plan (oil) objectiveImage
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Great photos and thanks for the two different views. The cells look different and harder to ID when you just have the thin version versus the ribbon view.
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First rate photography, and a great explanation of how they work. Mother Nature always invents things first, then man takes the credit. LOL

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