Chaetogaster, a F/W worm (Annelida: Naididae)

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Chaetogaster, a F/W worm (Annelida: Naididae)

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These are omnivorus worms that eat a variety of organisms and, in that sense, are predatory.
Features include chaetae (spines) restricted to the ventral surface and a large pharynx (part of the feeding system).
I'm not sure of the anatomy but I believe the pharynx is the space immediately behind the mouth, followed by what looks like a very narrow tube leading the the large sac-like 'stomach' with food in the posterior half.
In a large dish these worms appear as one continuous worm; put them on a microscope slide under a coverglass and they start to break up into 2 or 3 pieces each of which appears to be alive.

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Very interesting. I know nothing about DIC or how you use it, but are you using coverslips, and if so, are you using grease to lift them up? Can you even do that with DIC?

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