Actinosphaerium eichhorni

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Actinosphaerium eichhorni

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When the summer is over and the cold days come, Actinosphaerium eichhorn can be found quiet easily. This one was not amused by my treatment as I flattened it quite a bit. It refused to show its rays!

We see a couple of food vacuoles - a very large on in the center contains remains of earlier prey. The euglena on the left is not in a food vacuole, it lies on top of the Actinosphaerium.




Actinosphaeriums are the only heliozoan that have many nuclei. I counted close to 30 in this animal. The last picture shows a few of the nuclei, look a bit under the center of the picture and you will see two nuclei.

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I could not find the nuclei in my specimen.
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Ecki, I could send you my jewelers vise, to flatten him some more?

Beautiful pictures. You would really have to know what to look for to find the nuclei, but I think, from your description, I have them spotted. They are the almost perfectly round things?

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