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It's been almost 2 years since any of these has been posted.
A huge protozoan that is just about invisible under normal reflected light. I saw it only because it cast a shadow on the the white background and then it took a while to see what was causing the shadow.

Top: about midlevel of the sphere showing large food vacuole
Bottom: surface of the sphere.
both with Olympus BHS, DIC, 10x S Plan Apo, 2.5x NFK relay lens.
single frames, flash.
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Nikon camera, lenses and objectives
Olympus microscope and objectives

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Excellent work. It looks like a Christmas Tree ornament.

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interesting species. Here winter has come and now every pond is ice :( But a couple of weeks ago, when it was already pretty cold, I found Actinosphaerium eichhorni, too.

If you like a challenge, try to find the nuclei - there are lots of them.


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