What's up with this Keratella rotifer?

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Charles Krebs
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What's up with this Keratella rotifer?

Post by Charles Krebs »

This rotifer is very common in my pond. I see it regularly and have posted shots of it before. My latest water sample has very large numbers present. About 1/2 of the ones I have observed in this sample are covered by these fine "hairlike" growths or attachments. Very bizarre looking, and something I have not seen before. They have no apparent structures or features, and no apparent motion... at least with the 20X and 40X. I'll try to get a better look with the 100X. The rotifers seem to be healthy... moving about and feeding actively (this one is dragging an egg behind it).

My first wild guess is a fungus of some sort.... don't know. Any thoughts?


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Post by beetleman »

Execellent photo Charles. Are all those dots on the surface related to the hair-like growths? The surface textures on the creature are fantastic.
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