Paramecium forming a food vacuole

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Charles Krebs
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Paramecium forming a food vacuole

Post by Charles Krebs »

This paramecium was actively "feeding" and would roll over 180 degrees from time to time. I concentrated on the formation of a food vacuole, and you can see it occuring in both pictures. The food particles would be directed into the vacuole until at some point it would be closed off and "float" away freely within the paramecium. (Sort of like a slowing blowing a bubble with little kids bubble-soap).

Upper image with 20X lower with 40X. Electronic flash with DIC illumination.


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Post by Cyclops »

Superb pics Charles!! =D>
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Post by beetleman »

We never saw pictures like these when I was in high school. This clearly shows the forming vacuole. :shock:
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Doug commented:
We never saw pictures like these when I was in high school.
Nope me neither Doug. A couple of my favorites of mine that Charlie has posted was the Vorticella stalk and the pores of the water expelling vesicles (formerly called "contractile vacuoles) of the Paramecium. Now we never saw anything like that in biology class. :wink:

Outstanding photographs as usual Charlie, most definitely images that cry out for publication. :D

Bill D
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Post by Bill D »

I have owned my used microscope for, what, two weeks now. I see Charles post pictures like this one almost daily. It is uncomprehendable that he can do this. Charles, your photographs astound me! I haven't really commented on any of your photographs because they leave me speechless. I have enjoyed viewing your photographs very much! Saying "nice shot" doesn't seem to do them justice, but, hey Charles, NICE SHOT!

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