A Mystery Cell - Or An Egg? Identified As Nematode Egg

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A Mystery Cell - Or An Egg? Identified As Nematode Egg

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Tentatively identified as a "Strongyle Ova", [you can Google that] which is an egg of a nematode like round worm that lives in the intestines of ruminants. And one thing Wisconsin has plenty of, is ruminants.

Almost every sample I take from cultures grown from moss have lots of nematodes in them. And as the culture grows, so do the nematodes, and they lay eggs. I am finding more and more eggs in each new sample I look at.

Here are two other videos I have found on YouTube of these eggs, or ones very similar.

1. First stage larva ready to hatch out of the egg of a parasitic strongyle nematode of elephant.

2. Strongyle Ova found in the faeces of a horse. The larva is moving.

And a video I took last night of a dead, very large, nematode, with what I now know are two eggs in it's gut. Watch for this in the second half of the video.

I was just panning over a slide of water from some tree mushroom, when I found this rather mundane egg looking object. I would have passed over it, as it was so small and not very interesting. And then it moved. That got my interest.

I used the E 40x Nikon Objective, a 10x Projector lens with the Canon T1i to record the stills and video. Whatever it is inside the cell wall, never stopped moving, twisting and turning the whole time. After watching the video several times, I am now wondering if it is feeding off the interface it has with the small blob of trash it is touching on the lower side. It seems to absorb small parts off it, but I can not be positive.

Here's the video of this mystery.

And a couple of stills.


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