No idea... (Foraminifera)

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Franz Neidl
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No idea... (Foraminifera)

Post by Franz Neidl »

I dont have no idea what kind of object could it be. I found it in marine plankton and it was 285 µm long.
Obj. 20x, DIC, stack with 8 pictures.


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Jan Kros
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Post by Jan Kros »

Hello Franz

Could it be a seed from a plant

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Post by BJ »

hi Franz e Jan,

I think it is too small and too transparent to be a seed.

I think it is the test of a unilocular foraminiferan in the genus Lagena...see here for example:

...but whatever it is, it is quite a beautiful object - thank you Franz!


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Post by René »

Wow, well spotted Brian!


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Post by Mitch640 »

It is beautiful, like a Christmas tree ornament. Very nice image too.

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