Unusual fungus - Paradendryphiopsis laxa

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Unusual fungus - Paradendryphiopsis laxa

Post by gpmatthews »

Vivien, a mycologist friend of mine, who obviously has very sharp eyes, asked if I could photograph this -


All images:

Microscope: Zeiss Standard
Ocular: Zeiss KPL-W 10/18
Objective: Zeiss 1.6/0.03 - 5/0.1 (zoom)
Lighting: Filament lamp/diffusion dome
Camera: Canon EOS 500D, live view
Stacked in Zerene

The substrate is a dead beech leaf and they reminded us both of mini sea urchins - thanks to Vivien for bringing them along.

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Post by Mitch640 »

The stacking gave an excellent visual effct to these shots. Like flying in a dream, or maybe Avatar.

I just got the same camera your using. I should have got it much earlier instead of waiting. Great camera for this kind of work. I've still got less than a hundred shots on it. :)

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