Huge Protozoan

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Huge Protozoan

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These Monocystis sp. are very large parasitic Protozoa (Apicomplexa syn. Sporozoa) commonly called Gregarines and are extremely common in the seminal vesicles of earthworms.
Other species are commonly found in insect guts.

Complex life history: ? was an URL which gave weird response
also: ? was an URL similar weird response
Practical discussion in Microscopy-UK
same as above.

easiest to type Monocystis in Google search

All with Oly 40x phase contrast + 2.5X NFK projection eyepiece; wet mount; all full frame (23.6 x 15.8 mm)

Top: an adult, a mature trophozoit.
Middle: adults form these packages of cysts
Bottom: ruptured package showing individual cysts, when ingested by another worm each of these gives rise to a sporozoite which grows into an adult .
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Great shots NU, better than what I found on Google. I was going to ask what happens when a fish eats them or a Robin, but got my answer from a site.

"This latter is accomplished by birds, or other animals, eating the earthworm. The cysts are not digestible and are voided with the faeces."

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Regardless of what they are, the imagery is fascinating. Particularly like the third image.

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