Stalked Diatoms

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Stalked Diatoms

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Yesterday's sample had the filamentous algae covered with colonies of these stalked diatoms.
Top: one pair in side view
Bottom: View showing rectangular top surface; reminds me of my Nikon flash.

I first thought these were flat but they are actually tapered boxes.
Little dark rods are bacteria.
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Nice shots there NU. :smt023 With winter coming on, I really need to grab some samples and take the dust cover off the Axiostar and get back into a little microscopy. Diatoms are really neat subjects to view and to photograph. :D

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Excellent images. The tops of them are pretty strange. It's amazing what Mother Nature can come up with just through trial and error. Maybe that end is a lens? Concentrating sunlight on the chloroplasts? :)

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