the Tintinnid ciliate Climacocylis

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Franz Neidl
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the Tintinnid ciliate Climacocylis

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Yesterday I found in marine plancton a (for me new) Tintinnid ciliate: Climacocylis (maybe C. scalaroides ?). The lorica was extremely difficult to see because of its transparency. Therefore I photographed it in phasecontrast and for comparison also with DIC. You can see the difference!

4 pictures


1.) Obj. 20x Ph

2.) Obj. 20x Ph, the lorica from outside; you see the spiral

3.) Obj. 20x DIC - for comparison with Phasecontrast

4.) Obj. 40x Ph, you see the inner structure of the wall from the lorica

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Post by Retro »

Very beautiful and informative photos Franz. At first glance I thought I'd seen those creatures before (Rotifers) but had not noticed their case ( Lorica). So I went hunting and found among other details this:
Lorica (L)
A "house", test, envelope, or case, secreted and/or assembled by ciliates, generally fitting the body loosely, opening at one (anterior) or both ends. Clearly visible in Lugol’s fixed material. In planktonic samples, primarily made by tintinnids this site:

Thanks for the education,

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