EUCHLANIS DILATATA (?) It is Lepadella ovalis ¡¡¡

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EUCHLANIS DILATATA (?) It is Lepadella ovalis ¡¡¡

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Es La Primera Vez Que En Este Foro escribo. Usted Disculpe mi pobre Inglés .

Creo Que es Euchlanis rotíferos Una dilatata . Proviene de las Naciones, Unidas Yago . La Fotografía Con this realizada DIC Nomarski fluorita 40x Olympus BX 51 Y El Progreso de la Cámara Jenoptik Con flash. Gracias .

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Wow, excelente fotografia!

Definitivamente tengo que comenzar a realizar ahorros para comprar un juego de DIC para mi Nikon Labophot.


Craig Gerard
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Impressive! :) (¡Impresionante!) :)


Quick online translation to English:

It is the first time that in this forum I write. Excuse my poor English.

I believe that this is Euchlanis rotíferos dilatata A. It stems from the Nations, you United Yago. The Photography With this carried out DIC Nomarski fluorite 40x Olympus BX 51 AND The Progress of the Camera Jenoptik With flash. Thanks.
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Post by ABEL »

Hello. Then, is this rotifer euchlanis?...... I believe that it is correct :roll:

Thank you very much

Marek Mis
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Abel, very, very beautiful image. I've never seen so spectacular photograph of this rotifer. :smt041

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Absolutely wonderful image - congratulations!!

...and yes, I also think this is Euchlanis dilatata

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Martin Kreutz
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Hi Abel,

I know you and your excellent images already from the french forum for microscopy!

Regarding your very nice image I would like to correct the identification. This is not Euchlanis dilata but Lepadella ovalis. My reference is:

Voigt, M. (1957): Rotatoria. Die Rädertiere Mitteleuropas. Bornträger, Berlin. 505 pp

Take a look to page 198.

Wish you a nice evening!


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Post by ABEL »

¡¡wow¡¡ yes ¡¡. Thank you very much Martin, this is true¡; to identify rotifers and all the microorganisms it is difficult :roll:

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Whatever it is, it is an absolutely stunning shot! Welcome to! :)

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