Peltigera leucophlebia, a lichen

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Peltigera leucophlebia, a lichen

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peltigera leucophlebia is a lichen with two different symbiontic algae: a green-algae and a cyanobacterium. The moisty lobes of the lichen are of a bright-greenish color (thats due to the green-algae) and show little black dots on their surface. These dots contain the cyanobacteria:


The following cross-section through a lobe gives us a closer look at the two photosymbionts:


The bright, green line consits of the green-algae. the protuberance below contains the dark-green symbiontic cyanobakteria. The white field above the green algae represents the fungus-mycelium.

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Post by beetleman »

Excellent photos Ralf. The cross section shows some very nice detail. Looking at your first picture, this must be a fairly large lichen :shock:
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A great set of photographs there Ralf, the second one is especially interesting. :D

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Wow,though I knew about the life of lichens Ive never actually seen the symbionts like that before,great stuff!
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Ralf... very informative and nicely done. Thanks!

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