Entosiphon (sulcatum?)

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Charles Krebs
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Entosiphon (sulcatum?)

Post by Charles Krebs »

Dusted off the 100X last night (don't use it as much since I got the 60X) and found this small euglenid. The top image is focused on the pellicle and shows the deep grooves in the surface. The second image is focused a little deeper and in the upper two individuals you can see the very prominent feeding apparatus ("siphon").

With the 1.25X magnification of the DIC intermediate piece and the photoeyepiece used, the resulting magnification, on sensor, was 209X.

Olympus BHS, 100/1.40 S Plan Apo, 1.67 NFK photoeyepiece, DIC illumination, Canon DSLR, Electronic flash.


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Post by Gerd »


Hi Charlie,
i agree with your ID of Entosiphon sulcatum. I find these small flagellates
in my Paramecium cultures very often.
Thank you for sharing these wonderful images,

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Post by gjones »

Wow! Great Images.
Grant Jones

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