The air you breathe

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The air you breathe

Post by Olympusman »

I put out three slides in the open air with glycerine smeared on them to see what they would catch. The smear was slightly smaller than the area of a cover glass. The slides were kept out for 24, 48 and 72 hours, brought inside and a cover glass was pressed down onto the glycerine. The captures were quite interesting.
First, I got a fair amount of Stellate Trichrome.
Stellate trichrome.jpg
A fungal spore hit one of the slides and took off.
Fungus and pine pollen.jpg
More pine pollen
Pine pollen 3.jpg
A fragment of leaf showing stomata
Stomata A.jpg
What appears to be a fragment of moss.
I have also encountered a couple of diatoms and entire moss "leaves."

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Re: The air you breathe

Post by MarkSturtevant »

That's pretty cool! I recognize the pollen grains in #4 but don't remember exactly the kind. Pine pollen? Not sure.
But these are why we need cilia and mucous in our respiratory system -- its to pump stuff like this out of our lungs.
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Re: The air you breathe

Post by Robert Berdan »

Beautiful images - at first I thought they looked like Radiolaria.
Nice work

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Re: The air you breathe

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Interesting! This motivated me to try this out. I'll report back if I get anything interesting. Thanks!!!

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