Holiday shots

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Holiday shots

Post by nephiliim »

Hey folks,

Good to be back home. Made a small selection of the shots I made on holiday. Took over 400 shots :? :) Not all Macro though.
I tried to capture my first, serious attempt, with a human subject to.
Maybe bother you with that once to.

This one is kind of harsh in the yellow light but it was really windy and dark overcasted that day.

Found this feller I allmost stept on whilst searching for some crickets or cicada's I heard in the shrubs. Personally like the glare and fuzziness on the wing-edges.

Now this one is my favourite of the whole vacation. Taken without a flash and shutterspeed of 1/3th of a second at iso 200. These fellers really do have character and maybe even a bit arogance in their apearance.

I hope you like these shots,

All the best, as allways,

Tom B
Sometimes smaller is better eh? nodge nodge :lol

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No external flash yet :(

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Post by salden »

Hey Tom. Welcome back. Glad to hear your vacation went well for you. I like the first one the best. Yes, a bit harsh with the light, but the composition is great.
Sue Alden

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Post by rjlittlefield »

That last one is definitely my favorite, too.

Both pose and lighting are very unusual, and the overall effect looks like a well done theater set!

It needs only some dramatic titling to be a movie poster. :shock: :D


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Remember those old movies, The Land that Time Forgot and Mysterious Island? That last photo would make a good movie poster for those for sure TomB. The lizard has to be my favorite, excellent shot. :D Brings back memories of the matinee at the local theater, when movies were a dime on Saturdays. A large popcorn and a Pepsi were a quarter, for both :D , in side the theater. :wink: Boy those days are sure gone. :(

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