Moldavite Specimen

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Moldavite Specimen

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Moldavite is a green silica based tektite that formed during a meteorite impact about 15 million years ago. The impact caused molten rock and meteorite to be blasted into the atmosphere where they melted together and formed a natural glass(a tektite). As the glass fell, it was sculpted into different shapes by a process called flight ablation which leaves the marks on its surface. The tektites landed in a small area of central Europe that is now known as the Czech Republic. This area is the only place this type of tektite is found in the world.

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Wow :shock: That is an old chunk of rock there Doug :D . Interesting to read how it was formed. Sure glad I did not live the area of impact back then. You know I read somewhere a long time ago that meteors of pretty good size strike the earth every year and sometimes with enough magnitude to be recorded as a nuclear event. :shock:

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Amazing! :shock: A mixture of terrestrial and extraterrestrial matter in one single piece of glass! :D
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