Hiking for some nice autumn colors

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Hiking for some nice autumn colors

Post by MacroLuv »

Just right season for colorful shots, I guess. :D
I found online this a/an/the/- test and got surprised with results. :shock:
I answered 90% sentences correctly! :lol: (6. & 13. - incorrectly)
Here it is:

Fill in a/an, the or nothing (-) into the gaps.
Example: She is _____ really nice person. You must meet her. (key = a)

1. There isn't enough ____ snow to go skiing.
2. There isn't enough ____ air in the lift.
3. There is ____ famous university in Oxford.
4. There is ____ big tree in the garden.
5. There is a modern sports centre in ____ London.
6. There is a lot of rain in ____ winter.
7. There is a big black cloud in ____ sky.
8. There aren't any ____ serious problems.
9. There aren't any interesting films on ____ TV tonight.
10. There are some big trees in ____ garden.
11. Is there ____ tired student in the class?
12. Is there ____ good-looking man in your club?
13. Is there ____ cheap hotel near here?
14. Is there anyone from ____ Germany in here?
15. Is there any water in ____ glass?
16. How many ____ tall players are there in your team?
17. How many small apples are there in ____ this bag?
18. How many planets are there in our ____ solar system?
19. How many days are there in ____ week?
20. Are there any cheap ____ hotels near here?
You answered 18 sentences correctly.

Thanks for patience, I know you are waiting for photograph. O:)
By the way, Ken and Doug, I notice some changes in yours appearance. You... you macho handsome good looking guys. We can expect increasing in female membership. :wink:


Camera model Olympus SP-320
Date/time 11.11.2006/12:25:31
Exposure time 1/250 s
F-number f/2.8
ISO 64
Focal length 8 mm
The meaning of beauty is in sharing with others.

Noticing of my "a" and "the" and other grammar
errors are welcome. :D

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Post by beetleman »

Nikola, that is exactly why I took a new picture. I feel strongly that my new picture will attrack new female members to our forums. Once they see what is behind the camera. membership will increase by 150% :smt025 . Actually my wife said my old picture made me look like an old fool and I should take an other one so I only look like HALF a fool. :roll: (only kidding DEAR" :^o)
Take Nothing but Pictures--Leave Nothing but Footprints.
Doug Breda

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Well it seems both images are quite good :D , yours Nikola and of course Dougs new avatar. I changed mine, my avatar, also and have actually noted and increase in the number of flies around my monitor :wink:

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Whew, fancy new pictures, guys! I guess I'm gonna have to get me one o' them avatars some day.


PS. Nikola, I score your exam as 95%. Sentence 6 is OK either way, but I would have answered the same as you.

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Post by puzzledpaul »

<< guess I'm gonna have to get me one o' them avatars some day >>

All I've got to do is copy / paste Doug's (with a smidgeon of g.blur) ... and no-one'd know the difference :)

Nice soft colours, btw Nikola.


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