Papilio machaon syriacus

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Papilio machaon syriacus

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Nikon D50
Sigma 105mm macro

I am sorry for breaking the rules, again. But a butterfly has 4 stages in his life.





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Superb! :D You are the master of butterfly's life cycle series. :smt023
Ooooopssss... more then three photographs again. :?
Psssssssssst... don't tell anyone. O:)
Mating could be added. :twisted:
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These photographs are very nice and show the progression of development quite well NitzanC and it is understandable that you would want to show the entire sequence. :D However, to keep things in order and to be fair to all members, might I offer this suggestion. Try to make composite images. With an 800 X 600 pixel size limit the photographs, though smaller, would still be large enough for to show detail at 400 X 600 pixels and at even two images of 400 X 600 pixels, per 800 X 600 pixel image size, that would give you at least six images to work with. The reason for the restriction on images posted, is to conserve our bandwidth, of which we have only a certain amount per mo. to work with. Our editor and senior administrator Tom Webster could explain this much better than I and could answer any further questions that you may have. Thanks. :D

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I think Tom already said it pretty well in his posting guidelines at ... .php?t=153:
Images may not exceed 800 pixels on the longest side and must be in RGB .jpeg format. The file size may not exceed 200 KB maximum. The 800 pixel limit is inclusive of any special framing techniques used to enhance the image. Although many of us have high-speed Internet connections we must remain respectful of those members whose only option is a dial-up modem connection. Keeping image sizes and file sizes manageable will make for a pleasant experience for everyone. If you wish, you may gang 3 to 4 smaller images into one larger image but that larger image must not exceed the 800 pixel, 200 KB limit.
Forum bandwidth is certainly an issue, but even if the images are hosted someplace else, the viewer's experience is still critical.

One option that works well is to use the [img] tag to display in the posting one or more composite images that fit within the guidelines, and also use [url] tags to provide links to other images, which may be larger and/or more numerous. This lets the casual viewer quickly get the 'big picture", while providing the more interested viewer an easy way to get more detail. This approach may work particularly well if the additional images are hosted someplace besides, so that they would not be subject to the 800 pixel limit.

By the way, I believe the limit is actually 800 pixels square, not 800 x 600. It's the longest side that governs.


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Wonderful, clear, sharp photos Nitzan. I would love to see everybodies pictures in their original resolutions (then I could use them for full size desktops) :wink: but we will have to wait till everyone has fiberoptic connections to the house :cry:
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