A snowball's chance in...

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A snowball's chance in...

Post by crocoite »

...my back yard :D

Well, all of the snow has now gone (except up on Mt Wellington, a 1,290m high mount that forms the backdrop to Hobart). It snowed on and off overnight, and this morning around 7am, massive thunderclaps, hail, and then more snow. I'll bet some of you might have been able to hear the thunder it was that loud!

Anyway, in between hail showers, I wandered round the garden taking some photos. There wasn't a total cover of snow, just enough to slip and slide!

Here's a snowball photo (actually the flower of a 'snowball tree')...
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Post by beetleman »

I miss all the spring flowers already. I can guess how loud the thunder is in your valley with the mountains behind you :shock:
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