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Edwin Bont
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Post by Edwin Bont »

A weevil I found on the window at night.
I need the scientific name for it because I just joined a stockphotoagency in the netherlands.
It's Foto Natura partner of Minden Pictures and my best images will be for sale on both sites soon.

These two made it trough the selection.

On an acorn

On an oakleaf

Gear used: 30D MP-E 65 420EZ flash + small softbox and a piece of white cardboard (cardboard rocks).
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Post by Carl_Constantine »

so which one is the lesser of the two weevils? :smt044 :smt044

On a more serious note, great pics. Nice DOF, good focus. keep it up.
Carl B. Constantine

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Post by beetleman »

Very beautiful shots Edwin. As for an ID, you will have to look in your area for the scientific name, see if there is anything on the net for Beetles of Holland or check the universities for an entomology department. Didn`t someone take a closeup of this in the forums before? :wink:
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Post by rjlittlefield »


This looks like one of the "Broad-nosed Weevils", order Coleoptera, family Curculionidae, subfamily Entiminae. See http://bugguide.net/node/view/22777/bgimage . There are many genera, and I wouldn't even hazard a guess about exact species. If you need an exact ID, I suggest making friends with an entomologist at some nearby university. It's also worth registering with BugGuide.net so that you can post pictures and ask for ID's. But be a bit cautious and be sure to tell them where your pictures were shot -- their coverage seems much better for North America than Europe.

I'm glad to hear that you've had success getting into the stock photo company. Your photos have always been an inspiration to me -- the water striders here and especially here were marvelous!


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