Bubble Bath

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Bubble Bath

Post by paul »


I spent some time over the last few days looking at spittlebugs. This is the smallest model of nymph I found (just under 2mm I would say). They seem to be a bit early this year, maybe a sign of spring? That would be quite welcome after what seemed like a long and cold winter so far.

As I looked at these creatures, I could not help wondering where they come from: are there even smaller instars? Or how big would the eggs be, and where would I look for them?

Dynax 7D @ ISO 200
100-300mm lens + reversed 50mm + 30mm extension rings
(cropped, showing about 60% by length)

p.s. I could not find the 'upload' button when posting.
paul h

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Great shot Paul. :D I have taken a peek at these little guys through the stereomicroscope many times but have never seen any of them any smaller than what you have here. I have a photograph somewhere of one emerging from the spittle as an adult. From what I have read, the insect produces the spittle not only for protection from predators but most importantly, to keep the nymph itself from drying out and dying. :)

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Post by gpmatthews »

I read somewhere that there are specialised protozoa that live in the spittle - anyone had a look?

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